Choose an OS.
Any OS.

HackBook Elite is an Open Laptop kit that's ready to run any operating system such as Windows, Linux, or OS X.

No longer available

Windows, Linux,
OS X, etc.
Ready to run anything.

HackBook Elite is configured to smoothly run any OS, and ships with compatible components (i.e. WiFi card). It's the perfect platform for developers and creators.

Powerful, Flexible,
Upgradable specs.

HackBook Elite comes standard with 6GB RAM and a 120GB SSD, and is
fully customizable and upgradable after purchase.

Not just a computer.
An entire community.

Every HackBook Elite comes with access to an independent owner-run community of HackBook owners.

Access step-by-step installation guides and endless community support to any question, all shared by other owners around the world.